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Monday, February 18, 2013


Hey there, graduates! May is approaching faster than I anticipated and there are only a few weekends left to get some photo shoots in. My goal for this season is to help students to celebrate their four years of sleepless nights, endless term papers, and group work (ugh!) with pictures that represent some of their finer moments. Bring along things that you personally identify with and let's get those grad announcements out! 

Jordan has this thing for tutus and it has become one of her signature statements throughout her undergraduate career (see the end of the post for her other fashion statement!). We found the perfect wall to show off her rainbow frills and by the end of it, she had me considering wearing one around too!

(I don't know that we should send this one out on the cover of your grad announcements...)

Okay, prepare yourself for some zebra cuteness...

I had SO much fun shooting with this lady and am so proud of all that she has accomplished in these past four years! I'm looking forward to seeing what defines the rest of  you, so be sure to contact me, get out there, and rock your tutus!

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